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A journey of three women, originally one (as in one person broken into three newly formed individuals), break the time coninuum and arrive in a new parralel universe; a new dimension.

They awaken in a desert with no memory and no knowledge of each other. From here, they must seek out the answers to their mysterious past, as they forge new lives and new relationships that shape their paths each other. To themselves. 

Mar 23, 2017

A similar looking woman wakes up in the desert in the same state Shondra was in. A local scientist named Dennison, "Des" for short, finds her there and takes her on. The woman has a thought of what her name might be: Henrietta. She decides to commit to the only familiar thought she has and call herself by this name. Henrietta is also harboring a sense of urgency to solve the puzzle of her appearance in the desert and her memory loss.