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A journey of three women, originally one (as in one person broken into three newly formed individuals), break the time coninuum and arrive in a new parralel universe; a new dimension.

They awaken in a desert with no memory and no knowledge of each other. From here, they must seek out the answers to their mysterious past, as they forge new lives and new relationships that shape their paths each other. To themselves. 

Feb 17, 2018

In this bonus series we're calling Next Dimension, Christina Barsi announces a new "coming soon..." podcast to be released sometime in March. 

The podcast will be called Permission To Play and will feature three other hosts; Kyle Dallatorre [Instagram @mskestep], Lloyd Roberson [Instagram @lloydroberson] and Yelpy [Instagram Yelpy].

It will be a creative talk podcast, dicusssing all things creative through the lens of creative minds. Meant to inspire and offer positive perspective along the artists' journey.